DSL Level-1

        Ideal for those who want to stay in touch with family via email, a great price at $19.99/Month


DSL Level-2

        Great for those who want keep in touch and find long lost family and or friends on Facebook, only $34.99/Month


DSL Level-3

        For those of you who like to play the many games Facebook has to offer, such as Candy Crush Saga, $52.99/Month


DSL Level-4

        Stream and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix effortlessly at 8/mb download speed for $74.99/Month


DSL Level-5

        Destroy your competition playing on the ideal broadband bandwidth used for playing online games, a steal at $99.99/Month


These are our current prices for DSL.  Communities that have Fiber Optic already, the prices and speed may change.



Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc.